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Metaluminio s.r.l. is, since 1964, a specialist stockholder of semifinished  Aluminium products, with particular intended purpose to shipbuilding market. We are able to supply from our warehouse sheets, plates and extruded profiles, especially on alloy 5083 and 5754 F - H111 - H116 - H321, produced from the most important world factory, and we can have certificates, from Llloyd's Register, Rina, D.N.V., A.B.S. etc. We can also supply particular goods, directly complementary to shipbuilding, like elbows 90, long radius, seamless tees, reducers, collars and so on, transition joint, rolled and welding tube of great diameter, bored sheets, grill, and new aluminium alloy like Alustar.

Metalluminio s.r.l.

Via valdilocchi, 6

19126 La Spezia